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Top Assured Healthcare is a Healthcare provider with the mandate to make care available and accessible to both young and old ensuring optimal health and overall well being. We offer personalized Healthcare services through our team of dedicated workforce whose priority is the independence of our community of users.

Our homes are for:

  • People who wish to live independently but cannot live alone.
  • People who seek and need a space to build relationships and socialize without their privacy being invaded.
  • Those who needs physical help 
  • Those who need privacy and a time out from their home.


Our mission is to offer diverse, yet inclusive Healthcare and support services with special attention to independence and happiness.

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Top Assured Healthcare, provides 24-hour support for both young and old through our supported living packages. Our team of expert caregivers prioritizes assessment of each service user to know their needs and expectations for a home.

Respect is one of the keys of Healthcare delivery that we don’t compromise on. We provide personalized live in homes which helps our community of service users to build confidence and self-esteem individually.


Top Assured Healthcare is committed to meeting your Healthcare needs at every time and stage in life. Your dream Healthcare options are assured with Top Assured Healthcare using the most flexible and choice-oriented means.

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Our promise

To provide the best and most rewarding supported living service on offer to those hoping to live independently. Ensuring all individuals are in control of the support they receive

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